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Yolk -  50 Grams Carded DHG Maori Wool

Yolk - 50 Grams Carded DHG Maori Wool


Needle Felting Wool "Maori" is a unique combination of carded New Zealand wools, meticulously chosen for their exceptional quality and is great for Needle Felting.


It can be used for the core, as a topcoat for 3d Felting, 2d felting, wet felting and spinning!


Approximately 27 Microns


Since 2007, the aim from DHG was to develop a wool that would be ideal for needle felting, boasting a captivating natural hue that could effortlessly lend itself to vibrant colours and delicate pastel shades. Through countless trials and refinements, they proudly present this exquisite blend, which has now become one of their signature offerings, cherished by novices and experts alike. The name "Maori" was a befitting choice, paying homage to remarkable people and the birthplace of these remarkable wools.


In ensuring consistent quality over time, DHG meticulously select the wools for this blend. Furthermore, all batches are guaranteed to be free from mulesing practices. The dyes employed adhere to the strict standards of the Oeko Tex Standard 100, and they are carefully applied in the certified dye house in Italy, which holds both GOTS 5.0 and GRS certifications.


Please note that while the wools in this blend undergo washing before carding, it is important to acknowledge that complete removal of vegetable impurities is not achievable.



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