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FREE Videos & Tutorials...

Below you will find a range of completely FREE videos ranging from a beginners guide to full tutorials for your needle felting projects. These videos were made before I changed names from Fuzzywuzzie to Simply Felting. Please feel free to watch and enjoy!

Different types of Felting Wool

In this video you see all the different types of needle felting wool, this will help to guide you with what you need for your projects. Starting this craft can be a little confusing when starting out so hopefully this video will make it a little easier to understand the different types of felting wool.

How to felt for absolute beginners

In this video I start with the absolute basics of how to make a needle felted ball and how to add the top coat.

Needle Felting an Owl

This is a great first project for needle felting beginners. Making this owl is a fun project to make and would look great made in any colour! Give it a go and get stuck in! You can buy the wool pack with instructions CLICK HERE

Needle Felted Tiger Cub Tutorial

I absolutely love making these. Cute and fun to make with this easy to follow video tutorial. I have a wool kit to make this project which you can buy HERE

Needle Felting Baubles

Another fun project to make for your christmas tree or these sell great at craft fairs! Easy to make too!

This also comes as a full kit with wool and felting instructions which you can buy HERE

Needle Felting a Hare Tutorial

Hares are a huge hit in the needle felting world, here is a FULL tutorial for you to follow for FREE!

If you'd like to buy the wool and instructions for this project please buy it HERE

Needle Felting a Squirrel

This cute fellow isn't too difficult to make and is another fabulous wildlife animal to make with this FREE tutorial! This also comes in a kit form with templates but does NOT come with instructions. Wool, eyes, acorn, wire and whiskers are included. Buy it HERE

Needle Felting a Schnauzer

The armature I use in this video is the same armature I Use to make all the needle felted dogs I have made. It would work for alot of breeds with the exception of breeds like the sausage dog. For larger breeds I make the legs thinner and for smaller breeds I bulk out the body and give bigger legs all using the same base armature. You can see some other dogs I have made on my TikTok page HERE

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