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What is Needle Felting?

Needle felting is a wonderful art using wool fibres. The needle felting technique is stabbing wool fibres with special needles which contain inverted barbs which push the wool fibres together to create a firm object. This art is endless and never gets boring! Not only can you make a huge range of animals, teddies, dolls etc you can also make your own 2d woolly paintings!

Which Needles do I need?

Felting Needles come in a whole range of sizes. Starting from a 32 Gauge this is the most coarse needle and is generally used for starting off your 3D projects with a core wool. You would then move up a needle size once your wool firms up and it becomes difficult to insert your current needle.

I would usually firm up my projects upto the 38 Gauge needle then I would add my top coat colour and repeat the felting process until reaching the 42 Gauge Needle which is the finest needle for finishing off a smooth top coat colour.

The Spiral and star needles contain more barbs for faster felting and the Reverse needles pull out the fibres, this is a great technique for blending colours together on your project or for making a furry topcoat for a more realistic animal fur look.

What is carded wool & Wool Slivers?

Carded wool is the fleece that gets washed and put through a drum roller machine.  In this process it makes the fibres remain short and results in the wool becoming a web a fibres called wool batting/batts. This wool can also then be put into another machine which puts the wool into a rope like state which is called a wool sliver. Carded wool batts and wool slivers are easy for felting to use as a top coat for your projects and leave a smooth finish.

What is Carded Merino wool?

My Carded merino wool is a super fine wool from South Africa and is free of mulesing, it's more costly but leaves a beautifully smooth finish to your projects. This is a great wool for both 3d and 2d needle felting PROJECTS

What is Core Wool?

Core wool is generally used for the centre of your 3D needle felted projects. Its faster felting and saves you from using your colours, it saves money too!

I currently have 4 Different core wools available on my site. The most popular one being the mixed breed carded sliver. This is great for wrapping around armature projects as it comes in a long continuous rope form and is carded for faster felting. The mixed breed loose core wool is more like a pillow stuffing for example and is great for a 3D project base. The dark core wool is good for starting a project which may have a darker top coat colour. The corriedale core sliver is again great for wrapping around armature wire, its the softest and whitest (off white) core wool I have and is lovely to work with.

Which Kit would you recommend for a beginner?

I have an owl kit which is aimed at an absolute beginner, this comes with detailed written instructions and a youtube video for you to felt along with for that extra ease! All you need to buy extra is a felting mat. Everything else you'll need is in the kit! Buy it here!

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