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Needle felting Starter Kit for Beginners-

Needle felting Starter Kit for Beginners-

This Kit includes carded wool unlike many starter kits which include roving
(Roving is mainly used for hair, fairy dresses & long fur)
Carded wool is a web of fibres all running in different directions which makes it easy to felt with. This wool can be used for 2D, 3D & wet felting.
You will receive...


12 x 10g Batts of each colour as pictured
100g Carded Mixed Breed Core Wool Sliver
8 x Fuzzywuzzie Felting Needles (one of each kind) 32G Triangular, 36G Triangular, 38G Triangular, 38G Star, 38G Spiral, 38G Reverse, 40G Triangular 42G Triangular
1 x Foam Felting Mat 8 x 8 x 2 inches
4 x sets of eyes (2 x 4mm, 2 x 7mm)
1 x set of Leather Finger protectors
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